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vintage 60s ruffled floral quilted robe

Quilted floral robe

Quilted dressing robe with exuberent floral border-print & feminine trimmings. Shimmery, silk-like fabric -- a washable acetate/Kodel polyester. Cream with a gold ...

$52       med/lg
vintage 60s mod wild floral top

Floral shirtwaist top

In my summery world, prints can never be too adorable & colors are never too bright. A case in point, this jaunty cotton top. Large puffs of sleeve are cinched ...

$28       med/lg
vintage 40s peach rayon dressing robe

Romantic quilted housecoat

Dressing gown with the warm, deep-toned glow of an firey-coral tulip bloom. Rayon or acetate. Sharp, vamp collar. Bust fabric is gathered, shaping and draping the ...

$55       one size fits most

Dayfarer boucle lounge shirt

Saunter the fields in this tawny-nude knit top of lustrous boucle curls & crisp white stripes. Fully-fashioned shoulders. A 'Dayfarer' from Designers Knitting ...

$28       med/lg
vintage 60s cowl-neck top

Cowl-neck striped top

Cowl-necked sweater top --- for the elegantly-swan-necked. Glowingly-persimmon-brown & black. Light-weight nylon knit. Zipper closes the back Exaggerated 4" neck, ...

$32       large
vintage 60s floral barkcloth top

Pastel barkcloth shirt

Tropical-print top. Orange-juice, chartreuse, white, pale-lemon, brown-sugar. Made from a soft cotton-blend pique, with a bark-like texture. Short, slim-fitted ...

$27       med/lg
vintage 50s smocked Koret shirt

Koret smocked top

Smocked, New-Look-inspired top -- built for a bombshell. You'll feel heavenly & look dev 'lish in this vibrant, peach-toned, floral number. Bust-hugging v-neckline ...

$86       extra-small
vintage 40s sweater

Tawny drawstring sweater

Marmalade-brown, handknit sweater. Slim fit. Knit drawstring pulls waist tight. Decorative stitching highlights neckline and sleeves. Puffed wrists with ribbed cuffs. ...

$54       medium

Copper damask tie

Copper damask tie is a blend of high-sheen and matte weave. Tactile pattern depicts flowers, leaves & stems. A waggish acetate/rayon blend. ...

vintage 70s Jody T pastel lawn dress

Jody T gauze prairie dress

Floral-print maxi dress, by Jody T. Sheer, delicate peach lawn is printed white, aqua-blue, sky-blue, apricot, and ashes of roses. Poly/cotton blend. Rounded yoke ...

$68       sm/med
vintage 60s Wembley mod tie

Wembley brave-new-world tie

Luminous, off-balance, illustrated tie offers up the brave new 20th c. world of automobiles, neoclassicism and decadent dress. Edwardian-age repackaged for a Mod ...

$22       ---
vintage 60s Thermo-Jac knitted top

Thermo-Jac high-waist top

Skinny, loose-woven, lil' sweater vest. Tang-orange. Ornamental-checkboard shows off 9 knitting patterns. Wide, ribbed waistband. In acrylic (rather unusually, it feels ...

$52       sm/med
60s Vera nightgown

Vera feather-print nightgown

Sophisticated colorist Vera Neumann matches with Chicago lingerie company Formfit-Rogers … and creates an extravagance … in simple lines .... a ...

$64       sm/med petite
vintage top

Choengsam tunic mini

Orange-red, Asian-styled, micro mini dress (or tunic). Poly/cotton blend is flocked with fuzzy, white Mandarin symbols & printed with little men. The pattern works ...

$37       medium
vintage leather jacket

Dorby fitted deerskin jacket

Flashy pumpkin leather jacket by Dorby Casuals of New York.. This deerskin coat is a bonanza of good opportunity! Gleaming, slick, buttery, vintage leather with ...

$120       sm/med
vintage skirt

Tiered circle skirt

Vintage 50s, tiered, cotton circle skirt -- with frontier flavor. Show off y'alls prettiest petticoat. Cotton textile is a love --- a goldenrod, orange & white, ...

$38       large
vintage trapunto dress set

Jayna trapunto dress set

Give off a little of Michelle Pfeiffer's ice-cool Scarface-glam in this narrow, showy, dress set. A narrow column of bronze crepe-back satin is matched to tailored, ...

$260       small
vintage tie neck shirt

Paisley tie-neck top

How about a wild, cotton-twill paisley, circa late-1960s? Tailored blouse is loudly screened in brick-red, mustard, blue, grey and white. Puff sleeves cuff tight at ...

$34       large
vintage 60s knit top

Pop-print jersey zip top

Poor-boy with giraffe motif. Girl-sized -- made for the prepubescent set, this will be snug as a tube top on curvaceous lil' you. High-contrast textile sports ...

$36       small