Taking june/july off as I move into a dollhouse apartment in Baltimore.

Still selling & shipping vintage treasures (!!) but won't add new listings until my house is in order. Look for new garments to arrive in August... pop-art sixties scooter dresses, beribboned 1930s slinkers, rayon slips, novelty sweaters and the etc.

Wishing you a lovely vintage-ful summer!! Betsy

50% donated to Red Cross at deadlyvintage.com

As a longtime native of Norman, Oklahoma, I'm heartsore and devastated by the tragedies unfolding in my home state. I asked myself, what can I do to make a difference for them? & decided to donate half my sales from deadlyvintage.com to Red Cross's disaster relief fund. If you're able to give, there are some easy ways to send help… text "storm" to 80888 to donate $10 to Salvation Army --- "REDCROSS" to 90999 to send $10 to Red Cross --- "FOOD" to 32333 to send $10 to OK Regional Food Bank. More donation ideas via usnews.nbcnews.com/how-to-help-oklahoma-tornado-victims

love to all, Betsy

Coming soon: a bevy of hot-colored, wildly-floral poly-printed summer frocks -- come on, heat wave… we're ready!

colorful vintage dresses, coming soon

We've had technical issues with our web-hosting this week -- my apologies if you've you've come by to find the shop down. The problems have been resolved.

This week's vintage dreams include: a 1960s navy & red terrycloth swim wrap, a 1960s Janzten mens crew sweater with a nautical scene, a quail-printed moire tie from the 1930s, an iridescent gleamer of a 1940s day frock, and *my favorite* a mod-era, belt-patterned, brocade miniskirt.

We've had our last snow and now the tulips come... Happy spring!

DV new listings

Welcome to Deadly Vintage 2.0 ! My revamped website is 98% complete & I'm very happy with ze results. Ah hum, please drop me a line if you find a broken link or have some constructive criticism to share :) I'd love to hear it.

DV screen shot

In the meantime, we near the cusp of Spring, smile smile, so expect joyful florals and pastel gowns zipping in next week. Here's a visual update of what's to come (from my instagram feed @missdeadlyv) …

coming soon to DV

A fifties' ssssssstunner in zinnia-printed cotton, a giraffe-&-squirrel printed rayon top, 1960's Pucci-flavored quilted robe with ruffled sleeves /// as well (for those still locked in snow and sleet) as comfy novelty sweaters from the 1950s-1980s. Thanks very much for bearing with the re-do. Love & kisses, Bezzy

mobile screenshot

For your convenience… our mobile shop is now OPEN.
Starting in November, you can shop & buy at DV via your tiny mobile phone or ipad.
Scan our QR code to get right to it.


mobile app code

Happy summering, everyone!
FREE SHIPPING FREE SHIPPING FREE SHIPPING -- DV now offers FREE SHIPPING on all items purchased within the US!!! That includes boots & heels, sweaters & coats, you name it. (I love my international customers too! No price increases in global shipping at DV this year --- irrregardless of the US postal service's new priority fees.) --- ALSO--- this month I've been working on a spankin' new mobile website. I've got my fingers crossed that it'll be online by August & fine-tuned by September 2012.

xo, dear ones

Want to jump on the new listings when they appear in the shop? .. Oh, yeah you do. Well, here's a few feeds you can stalk :

my new Tumblr --- http://deadlyvintage.tumblr.com/
DV via Pinterest --- http://pinterest.com/msdeadlyvintage/the-shop-deadlyvintage/
Facebook page --- http://www.facebook.com/deadlyvintage
DV on Kaboodle --- http://www.kaboodle.com/dressupgirl
DV at StyleHive --- http://www.stylehive.com/person/dressupgirl/saves/
My Twitter --- http://twitter.com/MsDeadlyVintage
and lastly --- my jazzy new obsession, ta da… instagram feed --- http://instagram.com/missdeadlyv

thanks for following,

Hope y'all are able to get out and enjoy some of this beautiful pre-Spring weather. It's been tempting me into long West Virginia drives, whizzing down lonely, lovely mountain roads, past creeks and through hollers, and into some wonderful shopping ops. Getting ready to list my recent finds: a nile-green late-40s jacket, a Fred Perlberg nude satin number (with an entrancing silhouette that recalls Charles James), a fern-grey suede mens jacket by Lanvin, a fleur-de-lis printed dressing gown, a lustrous lace flapper dress, and coal-black Lucchese boots.

This month I've been loving matching skinny pants + vests outfits with colorful neck scarves. In honor of my new fad, I'll be selling one of my specials… a 1940's "21 Club" silk scarf by textile designer Ruth le Claire.

Kiss kiss,

Mazel tov & happy holidays to all my dear visitors! Hope you have a wonderful 2012!

Here's the news --- recently I switched my domain name back to http://www.deadlyvintage.com/ when I was forced to change hosting providers. You may have noticed some changes to my website. First of all...
  1) I eliminated the comments section.
Yes, I received plenty of good comments & questions -- thank you -- but as these were almost inevitably followed by purchases I felt the upkeep of the comment sections wasn't helpful to you my visitors. So, goodbye comment tab! If you have notes to send me, feel free to continue to use the comment form :) I just won't be sharing our exchanges with the world.
  2) More problems!
In the midst of migrating my site, at the end of November, my email forms became non-functional & I lost several weeks of communication (confound it!). Dear friend, did you write to me -- only to receive a silent rebuff? If you contacted me in late november - early december and didn't hear back, please forgive me my rudeness --- write again -- & I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
  3) There are still some small issues with the migration. If you visit and receive an error page, please return again -- my database issues rarely last more than a few minutes. I hope to get these issues smoothed out in the coming weeks.

Lastly --> a message to the cosmos --- for Ms.Cindy, who wrote regarding the Louis Feraud suit…. I have a looong message for you in answer to your questions. Write again, please ... I have an inaccurate email address & my reply bounces back uselessly. Hope to hear from you, doll -- xo

Love to all, good wishes and merry merry!

At the end of November I'll be rolling my site over to another hosting company. As I drag that unmanagable snowball from one place to another - huffing & puffing - I can imagine that there will be a good 48 hours of website downtime. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience :) After the 1st week of December things should be back to normal.

Deadly Vintage, that is - myself, will be going on vacation next week from Sept. 8 - Sept 14. All items purchased during this time will be processed after my return (on the 15th). Thanks so much for your understanding & HElllllllllllllllO Chincateague!

In the next coming weeks I'll be listing all my most groovy & costume-worthy vintage, including a distressed, fairytale-esque, vintage 50's beaded velvet dress --- vintage 60's (laugh-in styled) quilted lace-up tunic & hot pants --- several go-go mini dresses & some other nonsense. If you're looking for a particular treasure, please drop me a line. xo, Betsy

Excited about finding the sexiest-lil-miss-demure, new-look-styled, fifties blouse by Koret -- extremely well-fitted, with v-shaped back smocking, in a lovely peach & olive floral print. Meee-yow! Will list it on the 7th the 12th...

Bravo to all those who stuck with me during my unending site renovation. Next week I'll be adding the finishing touches + a mobile website. Nothing but new listings after August 7th (at last!)

I have a colorful 1950's angora Darlene sweater, early-80s metallic evening gowns, some sheer tops & dresses (circa 1970s), cutesy nautical-print tops & some gorgeous lingerie coming in after the 7th! Wait for it, wait for it :)

xo, Betsy

Solicitation alert:

LuLu's Vintage Blog: *Vote For Your Favorite Vintage Clothing Sites*
Deadlyvintage.com is up for consideration. If you support dv, please take a minute to visit the link and vote :)
PS >> to vote: scroll to the base of the page and fill out the "add comment" form. Voting deadline: MAY 31 +++++

Although the website re-design is not completed -- pardon the mess --- DV is now listing new clothing items full-time. We have many new lovelies to share in the coming weeks. Please check back with us...

DV website renovation through the Fall. Please excuse the mess whilst I make changes --- I'll be improving the website page-by-page. Let me know what you think!

I lovelovelovelove reading about deadlyvintage.com & my clothes in ze blogospherre.
Sometimes, though, I arrive at the party months late....

A recent websurf-derailment led me to an early Spring of 2010 Tumblr post I had somehow missed. My bust-hugger, early 70s Betsey Johnson Alley Cat sweater was featured in F*** Yeah Ugly Sweaters, a tumblr by "five kooky kids, living in Berkeley, California, and buying ugly sweaters like they're going out of style..." <<< the name of which speaks for itself.

A short time later sentiments regarding my redbird sweater were delicately reiterated/defended by I Eat Buttons For Breakfasthttp://ieatbuttonsforbreakfast.blogspot.com.

Under the heading "Ugly for some, cute for meeee", said blogger giggled,

"Vintage is not everyone's cup of tea. It's so easy to do a mis-step and look like a Victorian ghost or like an 89-year-old woman from the back (hmm intriguing). This sweater somehow manages to balance old-school weirdness with being totally wearable. I hope no one points and laughs when I wear this out to a pub or bar. I never said 'sexy' was my look."

Reading her post stirs up my own complicated feelings towards the UGLY in fashion. Although I love and deeply appreciate beautiful, glorious finds from the past century, I'll always have a major soft&sweet spot for the ugly aesthetic - the disliked. Whether in reference to unconventional or curiously-ugly fads (ugly ties, 50's novelty-print capri jumpsuits / 60's hot pants in tweed and quilting/ the notorious 80's decorated, oversized sweater) and my ironic appreciation there-of, the desire to revel in flamboyant antifashion, a love for the underdog, or pure snarkiness, I/'ve always found a joy in collecting-wearing-re/selling kooky, fugly styles. Dear readers: I intend to keep my ugly closet fully stocked!!

Thanks, f***yeahuglysweaters & ieatbuttonsforbreakfast for reminding me that I/'m not alone --- my idiosyncratic tastes have a smallish, yet delighted fellowship.

And a very belated thank you for finding me (and giving me a shout out) in this deep ole virtual world.

vintage 70s Alley Cat sweater

April 14-May 7, I'm having an End-to-Winter sale. All items tagged "winter" will be 20% off. See the selection --- ?WINTER?. Sweaters, hats, ponchos & coats, heavy knit dresses, cardies & fall skirts, plaids & tweeds, furs & cashmere.
Stock up for next winter's freeze!! xo, Betsy

"Haiti earthquake death toll rises to 150,000 and could double"

Every day brings more terrible news from Haiti following the devastating earthquake. As of today, Deadlyvintage.com is donating 10% of sales to the Red Cross Haiti Relief fund (until May 1).

deadlyvintage offers a 30% off sale through january 2010

FOUR weeks of deals
on yr favorite DV treasures

Every M O N D A Y in January, midnight to midnight,
deadlyvintage.com jingle-jangles :
JAN 4 >> 30% off Blouses, Shirts & Sweaters
Jan 11 >> 30% off Miniskirts, Midi skirts, Maxi skirts
Jan 18 >> 30% off Robes & Smoking Jackets, Bras,
Slips, Nighties & Knickers
Jan 25 >> 30% off Dresses, Gowns, Pinafores & Jumpers

happy holidays!!

I've been revamping the vin*fashindex vintage fashion database. Please stop by and let me know what you think…

Beloved polyvore sets of the day:


Fairies get me dressed!
Fairies get me dressed! by Hennie Henne Baby
featuring: early 1980's waterfall lace dress (sold)

DV will be beaching & away from all cares: Sept 5-12. During this time I'm unreachable! All orders/sales/questions will be addressed on Sept 14. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Have some happy days, Betsy

More content created by talented fashion bugs ... please admire these layouts:
(and why not try constructing a few of your own at Polyvore.com? --- you can access my clothing here)


Vintage "must-have"-spotter Zuburbia has been kind enough to mention this piece ---- POP PRINT BABYDOLL MINI :

"This late 1960's mini dress in navy and white linen has a floral print that evokes the spirit of Marimekko. Don't you just love how the flowers grow in size as they move down the dress? It packs a whole lot of style into something with a price tag under $65!"

Thanks so much, Ms. Kincaid!!

New Polyvore sets… xo, y/'all.


You're late, there's a hole in the sky
You're late, there's a hole in the sky by déboraRodrigues.
featuring: 1950's cheetah-print shell

orange bean
orange bean by Les !
featuring: 1950's nile-green stilettos (sold)

bang by Distantbuthere
featuring: 1960's burlap striped pants (sold)

Visit dv's new sale section… all items marked 20-50% off : CLOTHING SALE.

And, drats, I've had to raise my shipping rates for international postage. Sorry to my great customers in Canada, Denmark, Argentina, Israel, Great Britain, France, Australia & all.

US flat rate stays $7 for all 50 states. You can find the details on dv's POLICY page.. xo, Betsy

A few of my favorite DV style sets…




Pardon the dust while I change things around a little. Lots of items going up in February: pair of 30's crochet lace heels, a couple vintage silk kimonos, corsets, Ann Klein, Pendleton, Suzy Perette, plus my fave new dresses (circa 1940s-1970s).

vintage clothing sale through January 15

Ringle-jingle in the New Year with deadly vintage's sale blitz: ALL ITEMS 20% OFF. Until Feb. 15th. Happy wintering, Betsy


Betsy on Etsy

Come see my warehouse finds at http://deadlyvintage.etsy.com. Yes, I'm selling on etsy (and I like it!)

Happy ocktoberfesting!

25% off Summer is Dying! Sale through August 8!

Visit DV's catalog page and click "summer" in the tag cloud --- or just follow the link: s u m m e r.

Join my last hurrah! Sundresses, short skirts & minis, halter tops, summery shoes & sporty purses, danceable frocks, maxi dresses & transparents, sheer-weight brocades, tanks and tees --- a l l 2 5 % o f f !
***Sale prices are not listed / 25% discount refunded via Paypal after purchase***

Feel the burn.

Yahoo-o-o, I've been blogged by chichiandthegreek.blogspot.com. AT LAST.

According to miss chi chi…

"One of my absolute favorite vintage sites is Deadly Vintage…. There are hundreds of stores out there, that sell vintage, but Deadly Vintage is so unique, so visually fun that it has always been my inspiration. It has true vintage gold there!"

Thank you so! And vice versa... because after you drew me into your clutches I spent about an hour wandering and salivating over your vintage delectables. Junk & sugar, indeed!

Alright --- coming up this winter: recycled packaging, modelz!!, and the occasional editorial e-spread. Love, Betsy

Alert: march 14-21 will see deadly v's mad mad mad vintage denim sale: jackets, jeans, and one jeans jumpsuit (all dating from the 1940's to the 70's) *also* campus boots, a 50's lacey-Cinderella party dress and the most adorable 60's era Mickey Mouse "pin-up" sweater --- all items start at $9.99.

I've a number of 70's jumpsuits to be listed here soon. Also, a Swirl wrap dress & more 40's pieces. I've committed to men's TIES now --- come see the tie parade snake through my site. And… lots of early-70's, 30s-inspired maxi dresses to come.

Occasionally, as regards my collection, I have a revelation of feeling. A cold disdain for those I once loved..….

I've j-u-s-t zipped through my inventory, slashing prices a zig zag.

Voil à the saving s! Please, push a few buttons & make these garments yours, treasure them as they deserve. Love, Betsy

Thanks for a-l-l your patience during my revamp --- especially to those who stayed with me during my month-long clothing blackout.

Things are working now, I have a new shopping cart, a new digital camera (yay, color precision!), and have started listing again. Plans for the spring include: switching to 100% recycled packaging materials & a donation pledge. I'm planning to donate to a garment-industry related cause + by all means drop a line if you have suggestions.

Items to be listed soon: Missoni print chiffon dress, prairie tops & teddy bear sweaters, a 70's unbleached formal, 60's mini dresses, a late-40's angora/boucle sweater, David Crystal & Cyn Les items & more 80's kitsch.

We are undergoing a design revamp --- page by page --- and staying open for business.

Please bear with me. I will bring you a more streamlined and delicious shopping play-time… soon.

No new items will be added the next few weeks, but I continue to run auctions on eBay.

Up right now, one pair of banana & electric blue Converse sneaks from the 70's!!!

I love spirited bidding thus all my eBay auctions start at o-n-e l-i-t-t-l-e c-e-n-t. Last week I auctioned off the beautifully embroidered Frye boots you see in the start page.

Good luck bidding. Dv will return to normality by early December.

Welcome to the beginnings of deadlyvintage.com.
I/'m delighted you/'ve stopped by.

I choose all my treasures carefully. Everything in the shop has been hand-picked by my nose for the love of Texture! Pattern! Theatricality! & Nostalgia! & every piece celebrates an e-x-t-r-a-v-a-g-a-n-c-e of one of those traits. I heart fashion kitsch. I/'m color-mad & chase down bold textiles and graphic construction details. I adore the exquisiteness of a beautifully-crafted pattern and the individualistic perfume which comes so sweetly off anachronistic/historically-outmoded designs.
Follow me into my rabbit hole, darlings, and you/'ll find that your closet will never be the same.

What I have listed is just a smattering of my collection. Please bear with me as I fill the shop. Soon to come: a 50s Mary Martin cardigan, ridiculous 80s Victor Costa gowns, minis & maxis, lots of 60s-era British Hong Kong stuffs, Lanvin, mod Jonathan Logan, Missoni, 80s retro sundresses, slips & neghligees, 40s crepes & rayons, menswear and other yummys.

Questions? Preferences? Spare thoughts? Send an email to me, won't you… Love, Betsy

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