the Vin*fashindex is now closed

Seven years ago, I designed the Vin*fashindex concurrently with my shop,

Within it, I put links I'd gathered from years of vintage clothing research.

I intended the Vin*fashindex as an academic tool for vintage collectors and clothing aficionados, vintage newcomers, and people like me ---- sellers who were looking for information on their vintage finds, shoppers who needed to find reputable vintage dealers or blogs celebrating vintage clothing style, folks searching for fashion-related communities, costume designers ---- in short, for vintage lovers from all walks of life.

At the time, there were few similar resources available, now a rich proliferation of similar lists exist. With my vintage shop taking up so much of my time, I've little left for this database.
So -- I've decided to close the Vin*fashindex for good.

Many thanks to all who've come by.

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